15 Women Who Dated and Slept With Diamond Platinumz!

Diamond Platinumz: Simba Mla Nyanya


Tanzanian singing sensation is officially a serial dater. Like many male celebrities, the “kwangaru” hit maker has reportedly dated a shockingly high number of hot babes (light-skinned women). He is infamous for jumping into lasses with preamble and just as quickly, discarding them as easily as a piece of used tissue. Although most of his relationships fizzle out as soon as they start, few have stood the test of time. If you’re not in the know yet, here is a rundown of 15 women who dated and slept with Diamond.

Wema Sepetu
1. Wema Sepetu

Commonly known as Tanzanian Sweet, Wema is one of the beauties who dated Diamond Platinumz in 2010. Although they broke up for unknown reasons, Sepetu is famous for her own effort. She is an actress and beauty contestant who won the Miss Tanzania contest in 2006.  The CEO of Endless Fame Production has also bagged various awards from 2014 to date.

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Jokate Mwengelo
2. Jokate Mwengelo

 Diamond has also dated Jokate Mwengelo, one of Tanzania’s top influential entrepreneurs. She is an actress and currently serving as a Kisarawe district commissioner in Pwani region, Tanzania.

Penniel Mungilwa aka VJ Penny
3. Penniel Mungilwa aka VJ Penny

She dated the WCB CEO way back in 2013. She is a radio presenter but currently hosting The Trend Show, a Tanzanian TV show.

Jacqueline Wolper
4. Jacqueline Wolper

 Wolper is another hot woman who revealed Diamond’s unmatched taste for women. She has a negligibly small gap between her front teeth that does nothing but compliment her outstanding beauty. Honestly, you can’t help but wonder why the “jibebe”hitmaker leaves this lasses.

Hamisa Mobetto
5. Hamisa Mobetto

Mobetto is yet another reason why diamond have been deemed crazy lucky for landing hotties. She has a son with Diamond named Dayllan.

Zari Hassan aka thebosslady
6. Zari Hassan aka thebosslady

Zari Hassan She is popularly known as the boss lady, she is mother to two of Diamond PLatnumz’s kids Nillan and Tiffah.

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Tanasha Oketch Dona
7. Tanasha Oketch Dona

Tanasha Oketch – Just recently, the Wasafi Records CEO had the privilege of putting Tanasha Donna’s name in his long list of entrants.  He is set to walk down the aisle with the NRG Radio presenter on the Valentine’s Day 2019. Let’s keep our fingers closed and hope this one lasts.

His soft spot for women does not end there. NO, I bet not! The list may go on to 20, 30, or even hundreds. Here are more:

8. Pendo-Mushi
9. Irene-Uwoya
Najma Datan
10. Najma Datan
Kim Nana

11. Kim Nana
Tunda Sebastian
12. Tunda Sebastian

13. Aunt Ezekiel
Rehema Fabian.

14. Rehema Fabian.

No offense but this dude is a pro but also a dodge as well, he has cheated on most of his lovers and fathered kids with different women. Looks like he is on a serial dating spree! Right?



 What’s your take on this? Do you think his mighty “JETHRO TOOL” has to do with his strong affinity for women? Drop your views in the comments sections.


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